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    Optical bandpass filter

    IPL filter

    It is the key optical element for IPL( Intense Pulsed Light) machine, which blocks the UV wave and transmit the useful wave from 400nm to 1200nm for laser equipment, such as photo rejuvenation hair removal, vascular and acne treatment, skin rejuvenation.

    ①Material: Floatglass, D263t, B270, BK7, Etc.

    ②Size: custom design.

    ③Dimension Tolerance: ±0.1mm

    ④Surface Quality: 40/20, 60/40

    ⑤Wavelengths: 420/510/560/640/690/755-1200nm

    Laser Reflection Mirror

    Reflect Mirrors commonly used Si, Mo, Cu, Optical Glass material, with a solid film, reflectivity and other characteristics. In the 10.6 um wavelength, gold-plated silicon mirror enhanced reflectivity, power loss to a minimum, and the film firmness, and resistance to wipe. This optical element is used for planar reflecting the laser beam and important component of the laser system.

    ①Material: Si, Mo, HK9

    ②Size: 5-500mm customized

    ③Coating: Au, Ag, Al, Ne

    ④Surface Quality: 40/20

    ⑤Reflectivity: R>99%

    ⑥Clear aperture: >90%


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