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           XinxiangBaihe O.E Co.,Ltd  located in Economic DevelopmentZone, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, is the innovative and high-tech enterprisewhich is engaged in optical design and manufacturing . The company is alwayslaying emphasis on talents attraction and training, having a high level ofprofessional personnel with professional knowledge and rich experience. Thecompany staff consists of 90 workers and 30 persons of R & D and thetechnical team including 5 doctors and 8 senior engineers which are all expertsin relevant field. The company covers an area of 23 mu and have production areaof 6000m2 including the clean workshop area is 2300m2, so high-standardproduction environment fully ensures the high quality of the product.

       The company is mainly engaged in theresearch, production and sales of special optical system and opticalcomponents. The main products are several kinds of prism, lens, asphericalmirror, fly-eye lens array and other optical components such as broadbandantireflection film, polarizing beam splitter, reflector, a variety of filterfilm, laser transparent conductive film and color film. We can delivercustomized product and do optical design according to users’ requirement orspecification such as solar simulator system, pilot simulator, optical systemof exposure machine. The newly developed products include UV- LED light sourceand a series of equipment of UV-LED, UV aging test system, high-power solarsimulation system and so on, which are widely used in semiconductor, flat paneldisplay, printed circuit board., medical, photovoltaic, aerospace, military andother industries and sold in 28 countries and regions at home and abroad,praised by the majority of users

        The project of UV-LED collimated lightsource is collaborated with the expert term of University of south Wales,breaking through the traditional optical design concept and reaching the worldleading level in technology. This series of products replace the traditionallamp and have the absolute advantage of high precision, energy saving,environmental protection and low operating cost, which is the revolutionaryproducts of LCD, PCB, TP and core exposure technique in semiconductor industry.Against the background that International Convention > < Minamata will beabout to expired, this series of products have been widely praised in themarket and has obtained national patent certificate at present.

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